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land and home scaping

create a unique home scape for your dream home or just update your existing home scape with unique design and water wise solutions. lizzygator's clients enjoy one of a kind entertaining, seating and outdoor living environments. 

commercial artworks & sculptures

 want a unique or unusual entrance, a themed store design, or creative elements to keep your clients talking? consider letting lizzygator review your plans and offer their unique perspective for unique and one of a kind designs.

nice things our clients have said

our clients have been great, enthusiastic fans of our work. they say a lot of nice things we want to share.  we can share the criticism too, but we'll do that one on one!

events and parties

our great space in pilot point, texas is ideal for small group events. indoors in the gallery our outdoors on the many patio areas, you can entertain in style. 

lizzygator news feed

so we've been in business for ten years, loving every single project and client, but its time to grow up and get serious. so we have hired a few business experts to help us do a better job of working with our clients.  


if you have questions, we might have answers or ideas.  we are better with ideas.  but we do have people to help us answer your questions or concerns.